I came across this poem that I wrote for my mom in 2001 and I sent it to her as a virtual card today for Mother’s Day.

To my mother, Joyce
You are very special to me
because you taught me what true love
is supposed to be

You helped me through the good times
and helped me through the bad
You were there for me when I was happy
and you were there for me when I was sad

You never let me down
when I needed you the most
Even when I was living 2000 miles
on the west coast

You’ve taught me how to care
and you taught me how to see
that life isn’t as easy
as it appears to be

You’ve taught me to believe in myself
and have faith in the Lord above
and to learn to spread my wings
and fly like a dove

My life would not be complete
without you here
because with you in my life
there’s nothing for me to fear

I love you very much
and I hope you’ll always be
around so that I can tell you
just how much you mean to me

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Tiffany Brown

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