I made an important decision

This post showed up in my memories today and I wanted to share it again. Especially since I didn’t officially quit smoking until February of 2011 when I ended up getting bronchitis and was forced to quit. I tried the patches, gum, etc., but nothing seemed to help. It was only by the grace of God and an app that I had at the time that allowed me to continue to smoke, while slowly weening myself off of them. 🙂

Tiffany Brown

After 14 years & this past week, I made an important decision to “kick the habit” and quit smoking for good. I started smoking when I was 21 & quit once back in 2004 for 30 days. But stress do to work & other personal problems caused me to start back up again.

I came to this decision after my best friend’s mom was recently hopitalized with breathing problems, which turned out to be COPD, as well as, a viral pnuemonia. She’s in her late 50’s & has been a smoker since her teens – I believe. I went to visit my friend last Saturday & we went over to the hospital to check up on her mom. She had been in there for about a week & she was on a ventilator. They tried taking her off of it for a couple of hours, but had to put her…

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