i saw you standing…

I just came across the following poem that I wrote in the back of a poetry book I had. There is no title and no date. The poetry book was copyrighted in 1993, which was the year I graduated high school. So I can only assume this poem was written around that time. 🙂

I saw you standing across the crowded floor
I started to come over, but I saw you head toward the door
Then to my surprise
a woman in a red dress came over and looked you in the eyes
She smiled at you and you smiled back
If only I had known all of the facts

Who was she?
Do you love her?
Why does she make me feel so afraid of her?
You told me you loved me
Was that a lie?
I need to know the answer
I need to know why

I watched you leave
holding her hands
smiling and laughing
obeying her commands
You left me standing
there all alone
wondering what happened
I think I should go

I sat at home
staring at the ceiling
wondering what to do
about this awful feeling

Then the phone rang
I thought it was you
I didn’t dare pick it up
in fear of crying to you
The last thing I needed
was to hear your voice
I was afraid to hear
that you had made your choice

I’m glad I found out now
that you had found another lover
because now I can go on with my life
since I know we are over

Tiffany Brown

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