A Penny For Your Thoughts?

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Last week, I was drawn to the blog of Nicki Koziarz & she had written a blog post sharing how she is on a 30 day quest for God to interrupt her life – her every day, common life. With a little hesitation, something stirred in me that made me decide to “join her” on her quest. She’s already on day 7, but you can read her original post here.  http://nickikoziarz.com/2012/05/interrupt-life-jesus/

So, this post is kind of a reaction to saying “God, interrupt me.” And I believe one of the first things God is doing in my life is interrupting my thoughts about Him & how he answers prayers. Because of my belief system and things that I’ve heard growing up, I guess you could say that I kind of put God in a box on how He operates. But something happened to me on Saturday morning that has started to change my thinking. I found how amazing it is that God can speak to us in the most ordinary things, if we’d only take the time to listen.

Before I went to bed on Friday night I had been studying some stuff in the Bible that I was really getting excited about learning. But there were some things were still confusing me & I verbally expressed my questions to God before getting ready for bed. I had also said some ‘formal’ prayers as well afterwards.

In the morning when I got up, I was still half asleep, so I stumbled into the kitchen to fix some breakfast before deciding to get online & read my email devotionals. After I finished eating, I came back into the bedroom – because that’s where my computer is set up – and I had noticed there was a shiny, almost brand new penny lying on my bed.

When I first found the penny, my initial thought was that I must’ve dropped it earlier in the week and that it had landed on the bed & it got buried beneath the sheets. Then as I tossed and turned during the night, it became visible & that’s how I was able to find it. So, I didn’t think much of it & set it aside on my night stand.

I had originally got online to check my email, but I got distracted because my mind was wandering to what I was studying the previous night. So, I decided to visit the website of a Christian program that I watch frequently on TV and do a search for this particular topic. Five episodes came up in the results and since I’d already seen the first one, I decided to watch the next one down in the list.

About half way through the 1st part of the interview, this pastor and author happened to mention the very thing that I had been questioning the night before. Not in the same words, but the same idea and concept were being discussed. Then, when they went to the break to give an opportunity to purchase the book that he was offering, I knew it couldn’t just be a coincidence that I was lead to search this particular website & click on this particular show. The book that was being offered was a book that I had thought about buying previously within the last year while browsing the bookstore. I had actually picked it up on several occasions, but decided to put it back because it wasn’t what I was looking for at the time.

I paused the show and as I sat there in shock & awe, my attention was averted back to that penny that I had found on my bed that morning. The phrase a “penny for your thoughts” came to mind. So I decided to look it up & I came across the following information from wisegeek.com:

…when the saying originated, a penny was worth a lot more. Thus, a “penny for your thoughts” when the expression was first used likely indicated the thoughts were more value to those imploring the listener to give them than they are by today’s standards. Still, the phrase is hardly ever taken as an insult even today. Therefore, if someone offers a “penny for your thoughts,” feel honored they think enough of you to value your opinion.”

The definition reminded me of a picture I saw that was shared on the FB page of JD Chandler from KLOVE. The picture is for a penny off a pound of ham & people were jokingly commenting of what a ‘great deal’ it was and that they just ‘had to go get it now’. I don’t know if it was a typo or if they were being serious about the discount, but I thought it was quite funny myself, since a penny today isn’t worth much as far as a huge savings go. You can view it at the link below.

The reason I’m sharing this is because when I read that definition, it was as if God was telling me that He valued me & my questions. So, because of the honesty and sincerity of my questions, He decided to answer it. It’s also what prompted me to share that particular verse at the beginning of the post.

This just totally made my day because in my finite mind, I wasn’t doing anything spiritual or even praying a ‘special prayer’. I was just basically thinking out loud & ‘talking to myself’. But, the God of the universe who never sleeps or slumbers heard me that night & decided to answer. It also told me that I don’t have to pray a ‘formulated prayer’ or use ‘fancy words’ for God to hear me. All I have to do is be honest & sincere about whatever I am concerned about, believe that He will hear, and that He will answer. And that He did. 🙂

By the way, I was so excited about all this that since I already had to run out later to do an errand, I decided to purchase the book. And, if you must know the name of the book, it’s called “10 Curses That Block the Blessing” by Larry Huch. I don’t have time to go into all the details right now of why I needed or wanted this book since it’s a topic of a WHOLE new discussion. But let’s just say, I read it from cover to cover that night & it brought me to tears on several occasions. So I highly recommend it, if it’s something you are interested in personally. 🙂

One thought on “A Penny For Your Thoughts?

  1. Wow Tiffany! Love this and love your pursuit of God's interruption in your life this week. I love how He brought you to the perfect moment. Tucking that book away on my must-read list. 🙂 Nicki 🙂


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